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Wildlife Photo Contest

Each year, ANAC launches a national photography contest with the Wildlife theme. Anyone with Mozambican nationality, or who resides in the country, may participate. The jury, normally comprised of photographers and personalities connected to environment protection, may decide to grant, besides the First and Second Places, an Honourable Mention, in case one of the works justifies so.

Mateus Mutemba appointed General Director of Conservation Areas

The Prime Minister, Carlos Agostinho do Rosário appointed, last Friday, 16 March, Mateus José Mutemba, as the General Director of National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC), replacing Bartolomeu Soto, who held the position since 2014.

Mozambican videos nominated at international festivals

Two promotional tourism videos in conservation areas are finalists at film festivals with tourism and cultural content taking place in India, Asia, and Turkey in Europe.

Director General of ANAC defends the involvement of communities in the management of natural resources

Partnerships between government authorities and local communities remain an unavoidable option for the conservation and management of natural resources and, if not taken seriously, rural development will always be doomed to failure. This position was defended by the Director General of the National Administration of Conservation Areas, Bartolomeu Soto, who spoke on one of the panels of the 5th ...

Poacher poisons 104 vultures in the Moamba District

At least 104 vultures of endangered species, of which 80 are white-footed (Gyps africanus) and 17 hooded (Necrosyrtes monachus), were deliberately poisoned last Saturday, February 24, in Mbashene, Moamba District , Maputo Province, by a 62-year-old citizen of Magude who is named after Nelson Palate Machel.

Since 17th of July a total of 1524 animals of different species have been relocated to Maputo Special Reserve (REM), namely 450 impalas, 281 zebras, 131 gnus (wildebeests), 50 kudos, 251 nyalas and 361 waterbucks.

The Government of Mozambique is preparing a Proposal for Regulation for Law nr. 5/2017 of May 17th, the Protection, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biologic Diversity.

Poachers convicted for illegal resource exploitation in Niassa National Reserve

A group of 10 individuals of Tanzanian nationality working in mining will be, within days, deported to their country of origin after being convicted by the District of Mecula Judicial Court, Province of Niassa, accused of committing crimes of exploration and exploitation of mining resources within the Niassa National Reserve.

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