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Wildlife Photo Contest

Each year, ANAC launches a national photography contest with the Wildlife theme. Anyone with Mozambican nationality, or who resides in the country, may participate. The jury, normally comprised of photographers and personalities connected to environment protection, may decide to grant, besides the First and Second Places, an Honourable Mention, in case one of the works justifies so.

Environmental Education Marks School Games

The biodiversity conservation theme will mark the XIII School Games Festival, which takes place between July 14th and 23rd, for the first time in the Province of Gaza, more specifically in the the cities of Xai-Xai and Macia.

Until August, ANAC will translocate 4.712 wild animals of several species

The National Conservation Areas Administration Strategic Plan, 2015-2024, defines the necessity of assuring the restoration of the conservation areas through the wildlife repopulation of its National Parks and Reserves, to allow these areas to continue providing ecosystem services and transform them in touristic attraction and local communities’ development poles, through the offering of employment.

Brazil seeks investment opportunities in Mozambican Tourism

The National Conservation Areas Administration (ANAC) received, in the past Friday, July 2nd, in its offices in Maputo, a delegation from the Federative Republic of Brazil, that is in Maputo since May 30th, for a 6-day visit to the country.

ANAC celebrates wildlife in its 6th anniversary

The National Conservation Areas Administration managed, in the past year, to bill around 87 million meticals proceeding from revenue of touristic activities in the conservation areas. The numbers represent an increase of about 7%, compared with 2015.

Sustainable fishing benefits more than 1000 people in Bazaruto

A Sustainable Fishing and Mariculture community project was recently launched, in the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, in the Province of Inhambane, with support from the MozBio project, from the Sustainable Development National Fund (FNDS), valued at 400.000 American Dollars, around 30 million meticals.

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