On 1st June, children from schools in Maputo City and Matutuíne District visited Maputo Special Reserve, as part of the celebrations of International Children’s Day and the eighth anniversary of the National Administration of Conservation Areas.

On the occasion, the children had the opportunity to closely see herds of wildlife that moved from side to side, such as zebras, wildebeest, antelopes, among others. Before the little ones entered the woods inside, the Reserve Technicians gave instructions on security measures to be observed.

The Rangers and other Reserve Technicians were always on the lookout for each movement of the participants in the tour to ensure everything was within normal limits. It was two hours of Safaris with a lot of excitement and curiosity in the mix, typical of those who had never seen Wildlife before.

When they returned to the Reserve Entrance from where they departed, the Theater Group, Kutsemba from Matutuine Association for Social and Cultural Development exhibited a play on the value of conserving biodiversity for man. The occasion was marked by two moments, one of laughter and the other of total concentration, which denounced a reflection on the atrocities of man on nature.

Maputo Special Reserve is located in Matutuíne District, Maputo Province and is 90 km from Maputo City, 77 km from Catembe and 100 km from Boane Municipality. It is dominated by a coastal plain, longitudinally crossed by the Maputo and Futi rivers, with important wetland-associated habitats, in addition to the marine and coastal habitat.