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Welcome to the website of the National Administration for Conservation Areas – ANAC.

We are delighted to announce the beginning of a new era of communication with the public.

With a friendly visual approach, the website aims to deepen the space for sharing information between ANAC, Partners and General Society, in an interactive and effective way

In this platform, we place at disposal several items of information about the conservation areas and wildlife, as well as the documents that guide our actions. We provide endless possibilities to navigate through the country’s conservation, including links to get to other national counterparts.

For those who wish to do tourism, you’ll find in the website ways and reasons that will make you want to experience adventures in natural, well-preserved and stunning places.

Our purpose is to contribute to the increase of the environmental awareness, particularly regarding the biodiversity conservation and the massification of knowledge about the importance of the needed natural resources for our social-economical sustainable development.

This page is way for every one of us to contribute for the conservation of ecosystems, on behalf of a brighter future for the next generations.

We are ANAC, celebrating the Wildlife!

Maputo, July 20th, 2018

Celmira da Silva, Director General of ANAC

Established in 2011, the National Administration for the Conservation Areas (ANAC) in a State institution responsible for the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable development of the country’s ecotourism. Its main activities are the planning, coordination and execution of activities in the conservation areas, in partnership with local organisations and communities. The conservation areas, administered by ANAC, represent around 25% of the national territory, including 7 National Parks and 7 National Reserves, and 70 game hunting areas divided in 20 official game reserves, 9 hunting blocks, 13 community projects and 31 game farms.


To coordinate and develop the National System of the Conservation Areas and assure the sustainable and participatory use of biodiversity.


To be the national reference entity on Biodiversity Management and sustainable development of the conservation areas.

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