Mozambican videos nominated at international festivals

Two promotional tourism videos in conservation areas are finalists at film festivals with tourism and cultural content taking place in India, Asia, and Turkey in Europe.
These are films about the Ponta de Ouro Marine Partial Reserve and the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park, both lasting five minutes.

Belonging to the National Administration of Conservation Areas, the works were produced by the Creative Studio, ANIMA, whose director is João Graça, and show the potentialities and zones of tourist attraction in the two conservation areas.

In the particular case of Bazaruto, the video was chosen from 2,402 out of 113 countries that submitted their applications to participate in the 5th International Short Film Festival on Culture and Tourism (IFFC-V), to be held from 28 to 30 this month in India.

Designed for the “Welcome to Our Home” campaign, it is one of 145 films selected as the finalist of the competition. Meanwhile, the video about the Ponta de Ouro Marine Partial Reserve is a finalist at the Anatolia Tourism Films Competition Festival, which will take place on a date to be announced in Turkey.
The work participates in the category of promotional films along with the other two. In the documentary area, nine films from different countries of the world are set for the final phase.