Take a direct flight to Pemba (Cabo Delgado) from the main provincial capital cities, as well as regional flights from Johannesburg, Dar- Es-Salaam, Nairobi and Mayote Islands. There are also charter flights available from Pemba to the Park.


The Park is located 170 km from the city of Pemba. To reach the islands, follow the EN1 for 30 km, from the city of Pemba until the Metuge intersection, aafter that take a right turn into R761 and drive for 114 km until the town of Quissanga, Tandanhangue village. There, you will find boats that depart to the Park’s islands.

In Mozambique, there isn’t a cold season equivalent in temperatures to the northern hemisphere’s winter. Therefore, any time of the year is adequate to visit the Park. The hottest season is between November and April, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 35ºC.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the charms of the sea, through activities like snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing and boat rides. In the Ibo Island, where the Cabo Delgado Capital City used to be, during the colonial period, allow yourself to take a tour through the historical buildings, dating from the XVI century.

The Park also has an extension of land rich in wildlife, in which you can take walks and car rides. The impressive inselbergs in the Meluco District offer excellent opportunities to be in contact with the mainland fauna and flora. The tour guides within the Park organize excursions through the locations in which the most emblematic wildlife species normally are.

Throughout the beaches of Quirimbas and its islands, there are several accommodation options to choose from, such as theAzura Quilalea Private Island, Ibo Island Safaris, Quirimba Island Resort, Guludo Beach Lodge, Messano Flower Lodge, Taratibu Bush Camp, Situ Island Resort, Cinco Portas and Miti Miwiri Boutique Hotel. If you like to bond with the local communities, there are accommodations like the Muanacombo Beach Camp, Café do Ibo Guesthouse and the Kissirwa Ja Wibu.

If you enjoy idyllic environments, the Quirimbas National Park is definitely the place to visit! The Park has more than 375 species of fish. In its shores, one can witness the turtle nesting, one of the most unforgettable miracles of nature! The Cagavera and Bibiliza lagoons are some of the most privileged locations to observe rare bird species.

The sharks and several species of whales, dolphins, turtles, rays and coral reef fishes are the highlights of the marine wildlife. In the savannah you will encounter other wildlife species, such as elephants, lions, hippopotami, leopards, buffalos, sable antelopes and crocodiles.

The Ibo Island is considered one of the greatest architectural marvels of Mozambique, thanks to the beauty of the colonial age buildings with a strong Arabic influence. The stunning coral reefs are in an excellent conservation status, providing perfect diving conditions.



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