You can arrive at the Park traveling from the Provinces of Inhambane or Gaza. A 4×4 vehicle is advised.

Between April and October, you can enjoy the fauna and flora with the mild temperatures of the Mozambican Winter.

Allow yourself to take walking and car safaris during the visit to the Park.

There are no touristic establishments in the Park. The tourists must contact the Park’s Administration in order to be warrant access to the main camping site.

The river bank forest, along the Save river, is the Park’s main attraction, hosting an amazing diversity of trees and large mammals. One can still witness several miombo forests, woods and gorgeous lagoons. The traditional fishing and rain ceremonies, ancient tales and sacred locations are part of the cultural riches of the region.

In the Park, several charismatic species such as the elephant, leopard, lion, buffalo, kudo, bushbuck, hippopotamus, impala, reedbuck,grysbok, duiker, klipspringer, suni, spotted hyena and crocodile.

The Zinave National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area, where a great diversity of large animals can be seen.


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