If you are coming from South Africa, there are direct fights from Johannesburg and Nelspruit to Vilankulo. In case you are coming from another country, you can book a ight to Maputo and then to Vilankulo.
When you arrive at the Vilankulo International Airport, you will find charter flights available that will take you to the Park.


After arriving at Vilankulo or Inhassoro by land or air, you can take a boat to the Park.


From Maputo, follow the EN1 to Vilankulo. You will pass through the cities of Xai-Xai, in the Gaza Province, and Maxixe, in the Inhambane Province, two coastal cities where you can make a stop to refuel your vehicle, have a meal or even do some convenience shopping. Throughout the road, enjoy the vast coconut plantations, other green vegetation and crops until you reach the Pambara intersection. There you must take the road to your right that leads to Vilankulo.
While in Vilankulo, make a stop and enjoy a nice meal in one of the several local restaurants. The population is kind and is used to interact with people from different nationalities.

In Mozambique, there isn’t a cold season equivalent in temperatures to the northern hemisphere’s winter. Therefore, any time of the year is adequate to visit the Park. The hottest season is between November and April, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 35ºC.

The Bazaruto Archipelago National Park is considered one of the best locations to practice both snorkeling and scuba diving in all of Southern Africa. Allow yourself to also practice recreational fishing, hiking, canoeing, car, boat and horseback rides. At dusk, the sunlight offers an image of nature with interesting tones, allowing you to capture stunning pictures.

In the Park, you will find excellent tourist resorts with the necessary conditions to enjoy the unusual natural beauty.

In the Island of Bazaruto there is the Pestana Bazaruto Lodge e ANANTARA Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa.

In the Island of Benguerra you can find the Gabriel Eco Island (Azura) and& Beyond (Benguerra Lodge).

In the Island of Magaruque there is the Hotel Magaruque.

The heavenly beaches and natural pools of turquoise waters, as well as the gigantic white sand parabolic dunes that characterize the Park, are the dreamlike location to anyone, especially thanks to its serenity and rare beauty. For those who enjoy venturing underwater, you can swim with dugongs, dolphins and sea turtles, making it one of the greatest experience to remember for the rest of your life. Besides that, the Park shelters more than 180 bird species, many of them rare and migratory. The saltwater lagoons inhabited by flamingos are also a view not to be missed.

The Bazaruto Archipelago hosts to biggest dugong population in the East Coast of Africa. Its wonderful marine diversity also includes species such as sea turtles, manta rays, sharks, whales, dolphins, and others. Land species, including samango monkeys, duikers, red squirrels and pythons can be observed in the islands.

The recovery of Persian porcelain in Ponta Dundo, in the southernmost point of the Island of Bazaruto, together with other fragments of jars found in several other archaeological locations, suggest connections with a broader commercial network in the Indian Ocean. The Bazaruto Archipelago is considered one of the oldest and most important commercial hubs on the Southern Africa coastline.

The Park’s gastronomy is famous for the high quality fresh fish, a diversity of crustaceans and shellfish and a variety of locally produced vegetables.



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