There are direct flights from Maputo and Beira to Inhambane. From there you must proceed your journey by land.


Follow the EN1 from Maputo or Beira until you reach the town of Massinga, then you will follow a dirt road for 50 km. It is advised to travel in a 4×4 vehicle.

During the entire year, the climatic conditions are favourable to visit the Reserve. If you want to go to the beach, the best season to do so is in the months between November and March.

Have fun with the variety of sports and leisure activities available, like snorkelling, diving, canoeing, hiking, boat rides, photo safaris and bird watching.

There are several option to choose from, such as the Pomene Lodge, Hotel Velho and View Lodge.

Visit the Pomene lighthouse, built upon the highest point in the Reserve, at 110 m, and the Mudocha river, ideal for canoeing.

You will find several species in Pomene, such as the bushpig, duiker, steenbok, baboons and several land and sea bird species, like flamingos and pelicans.

Visit the ruins of Hotel de Pomene, built in 1963. The Hotel, featuring a colonial architecture, had a privileged view over Ponta da Barra Falsa and the Pomene Bay.


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